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Modern Dentist Office Design Services

Dentists often take molds or create 3D models of a patient’s mouth to create a design for advanced treatments. Just as a superior design is key to successful treatment, a quality design is essential to creating the perfect dentist office. At 2SIXL Dental Builders, we specialize in design consulting that results in boutique dental office and treatment facilities that meet every criterion for success.

Reception at the dentist's officeDental office design has evolved significantly beyond the drab, institutional buildings of yesterday that evoked fear and dread in dental patients. Today’s dental office is a magnificent blend of aesthetic appeal, comforting amenities and seamless functionality. Tommy Morales has over 30 years of construction experience, with 10 years of specialization in creating boutique medical and dental treatment spaces.

He uses this unique knowledge and experience to help you create the ultimate dental facility through which to serve your patients. With over 140 samples of past work in his portfolio, we are confident that we can serve your design needs with excellence and creativity.

Hi-Tech Design with Matterport 3D Scanning

At 2SIXL, we stop at nothing less than excellence when it comes to the design phase of your dental office building or treatment facility. With Matterport 3D Scanning, we have the gear it takes to equip your vision. In just minutes, this advanced camera technology captures accurate, high-quality 3D images of your office building. These 3D renderings not only allow us to maximize and strategically design your space, but it also helps to streamline the process, improve collaboration and reduce overall cost and time. Learn how Matterport 3D Scanning can foster the perfect dental office that considers every inch of your space.

Design Consulting for Superior Dental Treatment Centers

Design consulting to create superior dental treatment centers begins with concept and space allocations. The area allocated for construction is often limited but still must include all the necessary spaces. Tommy Morales has the expertise and knowledge to include adequate footage for vital areas that include:

  • Patient Waiting
  • Offices & Billing
  • Treatment Spaces
  • Storage
  • Restrooms
  • Amenities

Modern dental offices can be appealing, comfortable and functional at the same time, with sustainable options for modernity and convenience. Tommy Morales and 2SIXL Dental Builders know how to create the right dental office design for your practice, one that will combine attraction and comfort with efficiency and function.

Call or message us online at 2SIXL Dental Builders when your dental practice is considering a move to a new location or renovation project. We can help you create the ultimate design for a new era in your dental career.

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