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Corridor between dental officesWhen you partner with 2SIXL Dental Builders to create a new dental office space, we bring over 30 years of hands-on experience to bear on your project. Whether it be Austin, Dallas or Houston, Tommy Morales has worked in every aspect of construction, including 10 years in building specialty medical and dental offices across the United States.

2SIXL Dental Builders offers uniquely qualified and experienced services to help you create a boutique dental office that elevates your brand and facilitates excellent patient care, no matter your chosen location. Tommy Morales offers his expertise to your project, from concept design to turning over the keys to your brand-new space.


Tommy Morales knows construction, and he specializes in dental office construction. There are some issues common to all construction projects, yet dental office construction has its own possible complications. 2SIXL Dental Builders can help you avoid common problems and setbacks because we know what to expect and how to handle it in advance.

We have extensive knowledge of and relationships with:

  • Building codes
  • Contractor practices
  • Floor plans
  • Material vendors
  • Area inspectors
  • Bidding and budgeting

Our consulting expertise drives your project forward while managing the details, leaving you free from project hassles and concerns.


At 2SIXL Dental Builders, we have vast experience with working designs for dental offices, including interior design services. We know what is required for a fully functional and attractive office and working space and will make sure no design detail is left out. Office space, treatment areas, waiting areas, storage and restrooms must all be included for your dental practice to operate at its best.

We also know how building design and aesthetics combine to form an attractive structure. The staid, institutional-style medical and dental building has given way to modern, sustainable and airy spaces that feature the latest comfort amenities and appeal. Our design consulting can start from scratch, use many existing design models or begin with your ideas to complete a working design for your new dental office.


At 2SIXL Dental Builders, we know that efficient management of the construction process is vital. We provide on-site and distance consultations, problem-solving, vendor management and contractor communication to ensure your project comes together with as few snags as possible. Our expertise in the construction phase ranges from managing the contractors to regular inspections and design explanations to ensuring code compliance and superior craftsmanship.

Call Tommy Morales at 210-784-9777 or complete the contact form to arrange a consultation about our professional services.

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Ask to view some of the over 140 samples from Tommy’s construction portfolio when you call for an initial consultation. You can also email or complete the contact form.

(210) 784-9777

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