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Testimonials San Antonio, TX


Dr. Calascibetta

Tommy and his team were instrumental to the success of the buildout of my practice. My GC, who has worked on dozens of build outs, had never constructed a dental office before. Thanks to Tommy, construction went smoothly and completed on time, and the practice wows every patient that walks in. His professionalism was much appreciated, and he constantly kept in touch with me and the GC for an overall excellent experience. If this is your first dental build out, do not hesitate to reach out to Tommy for his expertise. He will not let you down.

Dr. Philip

I began the journey of starting a from scratch dental office in 2019. There are so many areas that require attention and expertise, as a dentist my knowledge about construction is limited to dentistry, but with Tommy’s guidance and checking in through out the construction process from the bids, to plans and inspections the whole build out process was smooth and able to finish with in our time frame. After speaking to other colleagues that didn’t have someone there to lead them through the process my construction story was incredibly well handled in regards to time, quality and finances. I would highly recommend Tommy and the quality of service him and his team offer.

Dr. Graff

Hiring Tommy was easily the best decision that I made during my office build out. His dental specific construction background not only saved me THOUSANDS of dollars (probably close to $100,000), but it also saved me time and headache! The only reason that my general contractor was able to adhere to the construction timeline was because of Tommy's constant oversight and his desire to hold people accountable. Do yourself a favor and hire 26L Construction! You won't regret it!

Dr. Ton

When starting up my 2 dental practices from scratch, I had Tommy Morales on my team to oversee the construction and ensure contractors delivered. Having him on the team helped coordinate the fine details between IT, electrician, construction and the finished design of the office. He is the web that will hold your project together and ensure all aspects run smoothly. I truly appreciate all the work Tommy has done for us. He is an expert and has a fine eye for details, whether it is a defect in the wall or cabinets not up to par. He makes sure your contractors deliver a superb office and even manually assembles any office furniture for you to get you up and running on time. I highly recommend him.

Dr. Najand

Working with Tommy during my startup not only saved me a lot of money but stress. Being my first startup, having Tommy on the buildout team was invaluable as he helped me navigate any and every obstacle we faced during the process. From bringing construction costs down to meet the budget, to catching mistakes early on made by the architect and contractors, to assisting in finishing the buildout on time. Can't thank him enough for his work.

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